Donny Cates has been one of Marvel’s few bright spots in recent months.  His Thanos run, in particular, has been getting unusually high reorder action.  So, of course it’s ending.  Cates, himself, broke the news on Twitter:

And apparently he’s moving on from Doctor Strange, as well.


When asked about having more things scheduled past Venom and Cosmic Ghost Rider, Cates replied:

Which raises the question, what do you do with Cates, and particularly the Cates/Shaw combination after Thanos has had a sales spike and the buzz has been pretty good?

Either more Thanos-related material in a slightly different form or perhaps a move up ladder, in terms of visible characters.  And when you look at characters who aren’t spoken for, particularly with recent announcements, you wonder if Cates and Shaw have mutants in their future?  Time will tell.


  1. Aw, please no mutants for Donny Cates. I’m really pissed he’s leaving Doctor Strange and Thanos for a stupid character as Venom. If they add Wolverine I’m really gonna be dissapointed. ‘Innocence has to be protected’ and ‘I’m the best at what I do’, the two Marvel clichés of the nineties that I do not care for.

  2. X-men purple presumably How exciting. Yawn well maybe he will make it so but too many are playing in the same X-men box if you ask me

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