For some time now, fans have been wondering who actor/rapper Donald Glover was signed to play in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Prior to Tom Holland’s official casting as Peter Parker, fans clamored for Marvel to cast Glover as Miles Morales, an alternate version of the costumed web-slinger. In the latest trailer to the movie, which comes out on July 7th, we get our first look at Glover’s character.

In Glover’s short cameo, he appears to play an advisory role to Spider-Man. He tells a costumed Peter that he’s “gotta get better at this part of the job,” hinting at the possibility that Glover’s character might also be a superhero. Or maybe he’s just an opinionated New Yorker. Either way, I’m excited.


  1. Film critic Matt Singer writes something that doesn’t bode well for this movie:

    “Anecdotally, everyone I talk to who isn’t a comic-book nerd is very confused by Spider-Man: Homecoming and why they’re rebooting Spider-Man. One person I spoke with last weekend assumed Andrew Garfield was the star.”

    Two reboots in 5 years IS pretty excessive, and may not be comprehensible to average moviegoers (the majority of the population) and people who don’t read comic books (also the majority).

  2. The great thing about a Wonder Woman movie, beyond its symbolic value, is that there’s never been a Wonder Woman movie before. The same goes for Aquaman, or any of the new franchises that the MCU spawns off. Another Spider-Man (or Batman) movie sounds like an exhausting prospect right now, George, and I live and breathe this stuff. I’m not surprised the general public that may not be paying as close attention is having trouble.

  3. Kyle, I spent years calling on Warner to make a Flash, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman movie, instead of cranking out yet another Batman or Superman movie. (Alas, the GL movie was a disappointment, though not entirely worthless.)

    There are still Marvel characters who haven’t appeared in movies, including my ’80s favorite, Moon Knight. But I suspect a Netflix series may be more likely than a movie, as he’s a gritty, street-level character like Daredevil or Luke Cage. Not much opportunity for spectacular GCI.

  4. I mean “CGI.”

    Speaking of which, the CGI in GUARDIANS 2 was so relentless, it was more like watching a cartoon than a live-action movie. Some funny lines, though. (“I’m not answering to Star-Munch.”) And Kurt Russell steals the movie just by showing up.

  5. Absolutely. Kurt Russell’s presence in Guardians 2 reminded me a great deal of what Jeff Bridges brought to the first Iron Man. A likely flimsy part on paper is completely brought to bear via the sheer charisma of a veteran actor. It hasn’t always worked out that way (Robert Redford was sleepwalking through The Winter Soldier), but when it does, it’s one way around Marvel’s villain problem.

  6. “A likely flimsy part on paper is completely brought to bear via the sheer charisma of a veteran actor. ”

    Michael Douglas had a similar energizing effect on ANT-MAN.

    As for Redford, maybe he lost interest after realizing how much the filmmakers were borrowing from his 1975 movie, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (a lot). But hearing him say “Hail HYDRA” was worth the price of admission.

  7. Saying in the same breath that a Spiderman reboot seems trite and also that a veteran actor can sometimes steal/save/redeem the show WHILE also not mentioning that Michael Keaton is going to steal the show in Homecoming seems… trite.

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