We can’t POSSIBLY be the first person to point this out…are we???? While the SCOTT PILGRIM trailer briefly supplanting Justin Bieber as the most important topic on earth has been noted, Bieber’s uncanny resemblance to an animated manga character has not — or at least not on comic book message boards.

Also it should be noted that while we were prepping this graphic, our software kept crashing — have we made a cute joke or opened the gateway to another dimension of terror and woe?

• In other Scott Pilgrim news, CBR interviewed Bryan Lee O’Malley:

Have you started work on your first project post “Scott Pilgrim,” and can you give us any teases on what it might be?

I’ll never tell. If there’s one thing I’m learning, it’s to not tell anyone anything about what I’m doing. It just creates weird and false expectations.

How heavily involved have you been with the filming of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?”

I have been heavily involved since day one. If I wasn’t busy writing and drawing the comic books, I think they would have had me working on the movie full-time. They really like my brain.

BUT, O’Malley also tweeted:

soon you will feel like a loser for ever having liked scott pilgrim and you will curse my name and rue the day etc etc

If O’Malley is somehow responsible for the Bieber-verse leaking into our own reality, then his name shall indeed be cursed.


  1. The software was crashing because Bieber is what a sloar craps out after devouring too many shubbs and zuuls, and therefore has such a highly disruptive energy signature his very name causes electromagnetic disruption.

    He is basically the anti-Muad Dib. If you had a weirding module and said his name, it would act just like Spider Jerusalem’s bowel disruptor.

  2. Yeah… except Scott Pilgrim is awesome. Justin Bieber could never come close to the amount of awesome Scott has in his little black and white pinkie.

  3. As a rabid fan of the Scott Pilgrim series, and having only heard of this Bieber character as the punchline of jokes, I feel like I should be offended by this alleged connection. But I understand that it was meant as a joke. Will it help the joke if I feign outrage? If so, then I offer my sincere outrage. How dare you?!?!?