200809101241UGO has an interview with director DJ Caruso in which the EAGLE EYE helmer gives all sorts of info on the proposed Y: THE LAST MAN movie, including the idea that it may be a SERIES of movies. He also speaks on casting choices — Shia LaBeouf is still a front runner for Yorick but other parts are still speculative:

UGO: We’ve heard rumors about Alicia Keys playing 355?

DJC: Well, she’s actually not a bad choice. She’s definitely not a bad choice. She’s definitely someone to consider. I thought she did a really cool job in the Carnahan movie (Smokin’ Aces) which was a lot of fun. So yeah. So really, the one thing, I think I’ve mentioned this to you, I’m going for, and it’s not quite there yet on the page. I’d love to have sort of a (Robert) DeNiro/(Charles) Grodin relationship between 355 and (Yorick). Kind of a Midnight Run relationship…I think Alicia’s a great girl and everything but I have to make sure that she can handle the acting part of it.

Caruso plans to have Ampersand played by a real monkey, dashing rumors that he would be played by Mickey Rooney in make-up. Much more info in the link, including BKV’s involvement.

Thought: This will be one movie that passes the Bechdel test, eh?


  1. Personally I would love to see a ‘Y The Last Man’ movie. That story is how I got my wife interested in comic books. Now she has read more than me.

  2. There is no way any Y film could match exactly the great work in the comics. Particularly the last few issues of Y – the payoff is so rewarding specifically because you’ve been following these characters for sixty issues – two hours isn’t long enough for the audience to make that kind of connection.