Everyone else on Earth has linked to this site, but we still haven’t. Photographer Seth Kushner is working on a book of portraits of some of the greater NYC area’s finest cartoonist types. He’s been posting pictures from his photo shoot over on his blog and there are a ton of great pics, including the above of Becky Cloonan. There are many, many more in the link, and as mesmerizing as they are, bear in mind they are not the final photos for the book.


  1. This series of photos of graphic novelists is very impressive.

    I browsed through them fairly quickly, and didn’t stop to take note of any descriptive text.

    So, perhaps Kushner explains why he seems to have enhanced the black in the photos. The enhancement brings out a visually moody, serious side of the artist. It seems these creators are not to be taken “lightly”, ha ha..

    Thanks for the link!

  2. This is a really exciting project. I’ve shot with Seth three times (or four by tomorrow), and I love how he really works with each subject to find the perfect setting and concept to express what they do. His ones of Nick Bertozzi, Art Spiegleman, and Paul Pope are gems

  3. Seth is not only a great photographer, but a helluva nice guy!

    Everyone should check out his book THE BROOKLYNITES… terrific stuff!

  4. alex, THE BROOKLYNITES is a book? I thought I saw some vids or something on Youtube from his site, so I thought it was some shorts or something? O.o