tomine tote strand
After a summer of trade shows, we are stuffed to the gills with tote bags! Plastic tote bags, cotton tote bags, totes with zippers, totes with cross body straps…totes with water pockets. We have more than enough to last the next decade. It’s one of the reasons we weren’t so motivated to get to the WB booth at the break of dawn each morning for a giant swag bag — we have plenty at home, thanks.

And yet we totally want this sweet Adrian Tomine tote from The Strand.

For those of you not over-toted, you can order it online and be the most stylish person on your block. Perfect for runs to Trader Joe’s!


  1. Strand tote bags are slightly crack-like. I work a few blocks from the Strand, and every time I go in there I want a different one. Even though I only use them to hold half-scarves that I never finished knitting.

  2. I was just saying the very same thing to a friend, that even though I overloaded on totes at this year’s BEA, how can I pass up on a Tomine tote bag. I’ll be making my way to the Strand very soon. such a nerd, I know.