As I and pretty much everybody noted, Warner Bros. had a tremendous push for the Aquaman film last month at SDCC and based on the positive buzz and fan reactions it appears the direction of the DCEU is steering towards a better course. The film hits theaters in December, but expect toys and merch to hit shelves before then like tie-in products from the ever popular Funko, arriving in October.

Mystery Minis: Aquaman

Mystery Mini 12-pack featuring Aquaman shirtless, Aquaman wearing his iconic gold and green hero suit, Aquaman Gladiator, Aquaman Gladiator with a patina finish, Mera, Black Manta, King Orm in gold armor, King Orm as Ocean Master, King Orm as Ocean Master in chrome, an Atlantean Guard, Princess Scales and Elite Commando.


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Pop! Keychain: Aquaman


Pop! Heroes: Aquaman

A line of Aquaman Pop! figures include Aquaman styled as an Atlantean Gladiator, Aquaman wearing his iconic gold and green hero suit and holding a trident with his face exposed, Atlantean Princess Mera, Ocean Master Orm and Black Manta.


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Walmart Exclusive Arthur Curry with a patina finish


Walmart Exclusive


Target Exclusive