Via Frank Santoro , a long lost Charlton story by Ditko.


  1. Although the story is said to have been published in a 1985 Charlton comic and was listed as reprint of a 1973 story, Ditko’s art on the story looks more like his 1960-era Charlton art. In just does not have the normal characteristics one sees in Ditko’s 1973 art.

    In short, I wonder if this tale was something he went to Charlton with much earlier, sold it, but it got shelved until 1973. Or maybe it could have even a story he ginned up for Charlton circa 1960 but shelved himself for some reason, and then later sold to them.

    Anyone else?

  2. Did Ditko ever “go to Charlton” in the sense of offering them character/story ideas? I thought he just drew any script they gave him.