With Disney owning Marvel and all their characters, it was expected that they’d eventually set their film-makers to work on a Marvel Universe project – however, I doubt anybody would have expected that project to be Big Hero 6. And yet here we are, with a release date set for next year and footage already up on youtube!


Big Hero 6 are the main superhero team of Japan in the Marvel Universe, and were created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau. However, they’ve been most recently know for having drawn the attention of Chris Claremont, who wrote them not too long ago – they’re the focus of some of his most recent work for the company.

Made up of weird characters, the team reads a little like the X-Men in terms of powers and image, but with a Japanese twist and turn on the concept. One of the more well-known members of the team is Honey Lemon, for example, a blue-eyed blonde girl who apparently traded her Asian body for a white one. A reverse-Psylocke, in effect. The movie, however, focuses on Hire Hamada, as he joins up with the team to try and save San Frantokyo from destruction.


This is a bold move from Disney, as Big Hero 6 are nowhere close to being well known. Yet! Director Don Hall will be in charge of the film, which has a release date for November 7th, 2014.