Amazon has announced a 50% off sale on Marvel.  50% off what?

This weekend, get 50% off any Marvel comic or graphic novel released before 8/26/18!

So… this begs the question of whether this is the new 99¢?

That said, here’s a few deep dive ideas for you:

The Ann Nocenti / John Romita, Jr. / Al Williamson run of DaredevilThe first volume is timely, since Typhoid Mary is coming to Netflix.


Perhaps some Hulk volumes featuring work by Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin would be timely?

I’ve always thought Jack Kirby’s Eternals was under-rated.

I don’t recall seeing Miracleman on sale before, so you can see what all the fuss is about on the cheap.

It’s wrong there there isn’t a digital tpb of this available, but here’s a bundle of the excellent Alan Davis Captain Britain magazine run.

For something a bit more recent, but not from this month (I’m not going to be that guy), Mark Waid and an all-star set of artists like Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin and Chris Samnee did a wonderful run on Daredevil that’s some of Marvel’s strongest work of the decade.  It’s across two volumes because… well, you know how Marvel likes to get a new #1 issue in there…

Go ahead and spend some time on Amazon’s Marvel listings, it’s open season.  (And we’ll let the retailers comment on whether just putting LAST WEEK’S comics at 50% off is acceptable, though I suspect we all know the answer.)