There are all manner of Wolverine graphic novels on sale right now, so let’s try and sort through what’s out there because Wolverine’s adventures have been collected and grouped in… interesting ways, shall we say.

The starting point is probably the classic Claremont/Miller Wolverine solo mini-series, back before having 10+ different X-titles each month was a thing.

Here’s a grouping of collections from the original Wolverine ongoing series.  Yes, it’s bizarre how many different titles and trade dress they use for segments of the Larry Hama run. I think my favorite out of this batch is the Warren Ellis/Leinil Francis Yu Not Dead Yet storyline.

The Wolverine series that started in ’03 is listed here.  I’d call out the no-frills and gimmicks, street level Greg Rucka run or Mark Millar’s more superhero oriented Enemy of the State run with John Romita, Jr. that’s an extended showdown with The Hand.  (Note: that’s not a particularly good price on Millar’s Old Man Logan – there will be a better sale for that one.)

If you’re way into Jason Aaron, there’s always the ’10-’12 series or Wolverine and the X-Men, although I personally wouldn’t throw those titles out as first choices.

Barry Windsor Smith’s Weapon X is a more likely candidate for a first choice.