As was reported yesterday, Diamond was closed due to a power loss following the record-setting snowfall over much of the East Coast. According to Diamond reps, the downtime will not affect this week’s shipments–although ANOTHER huge storm headed for the Mid-Atlantic from Washington DC to Boston may affect deliveries. Power was back on at the Home Office today, with only a few server issues.

However, in light of tomorrow’s storm, the Diamond home office may be closed on Wednesday, according to a retailer advisory that was sent out this afternoon.


  1. I would guess Diamond will be closed,as MD is supposed to get at least another foot of snow, starting tonight.

    I went home from work north of Baltimore at around 10 PM with a good 3-4 inches of snow already on the ground.

  2. I see a reality tv series coming out of this: Mid-Atlantic Comic Truckers.
    “Loaded to the gunnels with perishable comic books, these road soldiers manhandle their rigs toward our nation’s forgotten hamlets, doggedly navigating treacherous switchbacks that would make the average trucker tremble.”