Continuing their efforts to get comics shops to install expensive but highly efficient POS systems, Diamond has teamed with several publishers to offer stores a $6250 subsidy for purchasing a POS system, it was announced today.

Diamond Comic Distributors announced today that it is working with eight of the comic book specialty market’s leading suppliers to offer up to $6250 in free backlist merchandise to qualified retailers who purchase Diamond’s Point-of-Sale system.

As an award-winning certified Microsoft service provider, Diamond has sold and supported the company’s Retail Management System™ (RMS) point of sale software since 2008. In addition, Diamond’s ComicSuite™ add-on software allows RMS to seamlessly interact with Diamond’s operating systems.

BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment, Diamond Select Toys, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics have all agreed to make a selection of in-stock graphic novels and merchandise available for free to participating retailers. Subsidies are available at the $6250 level for retailers purchasing a full software and hardware package, or $3250 for retailers purchasing just software. Please visit Diamond’s Retailer Services Website for complete details.

“Like the cash register program developed by Marvel’s Carol Kalish in the 1980s, this program has the potential to help the comic industry make the next leap forward,” said Diamond Executive Director of Business Development Chris Powell, “We applaud the participating suppliers for their forward thinking investment in the retail community.”

“Comic retailers manage complex businesses,” added Powell, “and RMS/ComicSuite can help them operate more profitably while streamlining many of their processes – including placing initial orders, receiving shipments, subscription and customer management, sales reporting, simplified reordering, and much more.”

Diamond currently offers three hardware/software packages – Basic, Deluxe, and Premium – as well as a software-only bundle to match the varying needs of retailers. In addition to the new POS subsidy program, Diamond also offers 48-month interest free financing to qualified retailers for point-of-sale purchases.

“Having a point-of-sale system is vital to a retail shop’s prosperity, and Diamond is committed to offering a thorough solution for the comic book specialty market,” said Diamond Manager of Retail Technology Cheryl Sleboda. “RMS/ComicSuite has already been implemented by hundreds of stores, and, with this new subsidy program, we look forward to making the system available to many more.”

For more information on the subsidy program, or to purchase RMS/ComicSuite, retailers should contact Cheryl at [email protected] or 1-800-45-COMIC ext 847.


  1. I hope one of my local retailers can take advantage of this! It has to be the only place i shop where he still writes up all purchases in pencil on a spiral-bound notebook.

  2. Now, Simon Rage, play nice. Retailers should have back-up power supplies in place for their registers anyway (good business practice).
    This seems like an awesome (ugh, sorry) idea. Getting free stock to offset your expense in sales/inventory equipment? Brilliant!
    BUT (and note that’s a big ol’ but) what has me concerned is that RMS is already doomed to obsolescence. Microsoft is requiring all RMS users to migrate over to their Dynamics AX for Retailers by Q4 2015. Ew. I’m sure that DCD is prepping ComicSuite for AX, but how much extra will THAT cost? Any chance of subsidizing my purchase of Dynamics instead, DCD?
    BTW, if your retail setup is being exposed to EMPs, inventory control is likely the least of your problems… ;)

  3. “BTW, if your retail setup is being exposed to EMPs, inventory control is likely the least of your problems.”

    I lol’d, *hard*.