A few personnel notes at Diamond Book Distributors, the arm of Diamond that sells to bookstores and other non returnable outlets. Sales Rep Brooke Borneman lest to become director of Marketing for Dorchester publishing last month, and now longtime Diamond employee Stuart Carter has been hired as the new DBD sales manager for Barnes & Noble, Barnes & Noble College, BN.com, Hastings, as well as airport newsstand accounts HMH Host and Hudson Booksellers.  Prior to working at Diamond, Carter was a buyer at Borders/Waldenbooks and HMS Host.  He’ll report to Emily Botica, DBD Director of Sales & Marketing.
Also, Josh Hayesis joining DBDas Director of E-Commerce Business Development, where he’ll manage the global supply chain between Amazon North America, Europe, China, Japan and Brazil, and oversee existing and emerging worldwide e-commerce opportunities.  Hayes will report directly to DBD vp Kuo-yu Liang.


  1. A little correction Brooke was at Dorchester previous to DBD – she moved to Penguin where she is working for the Tarcher imprint.

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