By Todd Allen

What is it about the Legion of Super-Heroes that pulls in ex-Marvel editor-in-chiefs.  Roy Thomas wrote it.  Gerry Conway wrote it.  Jim Shooter came back for another run.  Now Tom DeFalco is taking over Legion Lost with issue #7.  Writing changes announced on Superman, Green Arrow and Legion Lost before the 4th issues hit the stands?  You can’t say DC is averse to change.

Over at The Source, Brian Cunningham explains the departure of Fabian Nicieza as:

His schedule just couldn’t keep up with a monthly series right now. It’s a bummer because Fabian and I had discussed some really cool ideas for the series, but I understood his reasons, and we parted on a positive note with hopes that someday we can reteam on something else down the road.

In all honesty, Legion Lost wasn’t very well received and Nicieza may not have been a good fit for the property.  Where Nicieza might be considered old school, DeFalco is older school and when you add Legion Lost to an issue of Superman Beyond, I think we can now officially call this DeFalco’s return to DC.  Return?  Yes, while his career has been primarily at Marvel, DeFalco did a string of stories, primarily in Superman Family, for DC back in the late ’70s.

What’s on tap for Legion Lost?

A crossover with TEEN TITANS involving the organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E. — with a revelation that will change the entire course of LEGION LOST!

For a clean reboot, the New 52 sure does seem to have crossover on the brain.  Then again, there was a time when Teen Titans and Legion were DC’s flagship titles, so at least there’s some symbolism here.

In the meantime, we await Nicieza’s next series and note that there’s another ex-Marvel EIC at DC in Bob Harras.  When will he write a Legion comic?


  1. Len Wein wrote at least a couple of Legion stories as well.

    Plus, if you want to cast your net wider, Fabian was EIC at Acclaim, and of course Paul was head honcho (though not of editorial) at DC.

    Maybe it’s a series for management…

  2. Three comments:

    1) A “new perspective” is only desirable for a comics publisher if it improves the quality and sales of the book. and honestly, I think most care more about the latter than the former — it’s a business after all.

    2) A “new perspective” is not solely the domain of the young. How old was Jack Kirby when he created the New Gods?

    3) Any book you haven’t read is a new book.

  3. Oh, and I’m sorry to see Fabian N. go, because I like his work. And I’m glad to see Tom D. come on board because I like his work. So for me, no change in buying habits.

  4. Oh yes… by all means BAN those 65 and above from writing. God knows they’re not capable of telling a good story since they generally don’t spend all their time studying Facebook and Tweeting and all the other super-cool (so the media thinks) social media wastes of time.

    For that matter, let’s go ahead and ban those 25 and above. I mean, if they know anything it can’t possibly be cool enough for the demo DC is targeting (secretly) now.

    We all need FRESH writers… and while we’re at it we should go ahead and ban Clint Eastwood and Speilberg and all those other fossils from making movies, cause God knows they’re way to old to contribute anything to art, correct?

  5. I liked DeFalco’s run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Although I laughed at the comment:

    ” … with a revelation that will change the entire course of LEGION LOST!”

    This sounds like every press release about every Marvel and DC Comic published in the last ten years. I suppose the more things change … the more they remain the same?

  6. “These sure are some FRESH 65-year-old voices writing these titles. Way to get a new perspective.”

    I’ve disagree. A good writer is a good writer. I’d rather have a solid pro rather than a “fresh” Hollywood type that writes fan fiction or can’t meet deadlines.

  7. You know… It’s not really about the age as it is the fact that these are the same creators that just get shuffled around and ply their same old tired ideas, this whole “reboot” was supposed to “inject” new life and ideas however where is the “new” coming from? pretty much DC just put a new paint job on a doo doo sandwich.

    I would have no problems if they got someone from an independent even if that person was over 60, its not the age of the person that’s the problem