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Does Deadpool eat any foods besides chimichangas? The shocking answer is yes – at least according to Cooking with Deadpool, a new book from Insight Editions. Over more than 100 pages, we get nearly 60 actual recipes that actual humans could potentially prepare and eat. But when you think about it, as a debonair mercenary-about-town, you’d need some kitchen skills beyond opening a can of beans. Although Deadpool can certainly open a can of beans – and would even share that knowledge with others, even a young child. HEnce this whole book of cookery.

As written by frequent Deadpool translator Mark Sumerak and recipe writer Elena Craig, we learn what ‘Pool likes on his burgers (not pickles), how to bake a delicious ham, and even the secret to Aunt May’s Wheat Cakes.

When I first heard the phrase “Deadpool Cook Book” I thought it would be roadkill and mold…but no. You’ll actually learn how to cook Brussels sprouts – and maybe a little about knives, because Deadpool loves knives. And yes, several variations on chimichangas, and other man cave staples.

Choosing a KnifeStabby Meat Sticks



Small Bite for Big Mouths

Insight Editions is known for their genre cookbooks (previously they published a Walking Dead cookbook (an oxymoron?)  and a Game of Thrones cookbook (poison not included) so poking around Deadpool’s kitchen is a natural next step.

In fact, they were kind enough to supply The Beat with OUR VERY OWN EXCLUSIVE RECIPE! Directly from Deadpool: Dead President’s Bark. And they must have known I have a terrible sweet tooth because it’s dessert. With added caffeine – yum. (For the full size version click here.)

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Although there are nuggets of Deadpool philosophy  and comic book jokes to be found here, this is a real cookbook with instructions on how to prepare edible food, and lots of mouthwatering (I said it) photographs. And back in the real world, most of us have had to learn to cook our own food during lockdown, so yeah, cookbooks.

Cooking with Deadpool goes on sale next week or you can order it online.  (We may make a teensy bit of money via affiliate links.)