The Star Trek Advent Calendar
The Star Trek Advent Calendar.

By Daniel W. Rasmus

Publisher: Insight Editions
Publication Date: 9/12/2023
ISBN: 9798886633078
Trim Size: 11.41 x 5 x 7.20
Price: $150

Yes, advent calendars were created as a way of counting down the Advent ahead of Christmas—a time of preparation in anticipation of the arrival of Jesus. They started out as a Lutheran innovation in the 19th century and have become widely adopted by other Christian faiths.

More recently, they have found a new purpose in counting down other things, like Halloween, I’m sure, much to the dismay of purists. This review offers insights on the $150 12 Days of Star Trek Advent Calendar from Insight Editions that takes fans on a memory quest through the Star Trek universe. 


The limited-edition calendar (only 1701 were made) lands in the likeness of an Enterprise-D shuttle craft carrying the 1701-D markings. It is wrapped in plastic and includes an outer paper wrap that reveals the treasures hidden inside. To avoid giving away the surprises hidden in the various cargo holds of the shuttle, I suggest, if given as a gift, unwrap it first and hold the card until after the recipient completes their count.

The 12 Days of Star Trek Advent Calendar starts giving even before pulling out any of the items or unwrapping them. Each Star Trek Shuttle Advent Calendar includes an art print individually hand-signed by Star Trek artist Ryan Dening (technically item no. 6), which falls out upon first opening. It took me a nanosecond to figure out it was one of the items. The shuttle box also includes a fun postcard as an extra.

The shuttle opens down the middle, with the advent items equally distributed in the “cargo hold” of the shuttle, tucked neatly upon each other with precision. Each item is individually wrapped in a numbered box. The top of each box includes a clue, which I will leave for you to read.

If you are thinking of buying this for yourself, or perhaps more importantly, expecting to receive it as a gift. Stop reading. I’m about to disclose the contents.

But before I do that, let me say that the $150 price tag, while high, is not unreasonable. If I use Disney prices for equivalent items, the box is worth at least its price, and perhaps more. 

There is nothing plastic or chintzy inside the shuttle’s gapping interior. All the items are wrapped well, each one in multiple layers of tissue paper when appropriate, then held gently by in a special final layer of tissue, the design of which I won’t give away.

Now, on to the spoilers.

Beaming inside: spoilers follow

The items inside the advent calendar are mostly metal, with a little glass and ceramic tossed in…along with a pair of socks. 

Here is a complete list ordered by box number with a bit more description and some additional details or thoughts not offered by Insights Editions.

  1. A metal original USS Enterprise bottle opener.  Solid.
  2. A Deep Space Nine ornament, of actually, Deep Space Nine. The Prophets be praised.
  3. A trinket box in the form of the Aldrin, shuttle number 02 from the USS Enterprise 1701-D. Very cute. A new addition to my desk.
  4. A shot glass from the California class starship USS Cerritos, complete with 3 olive logo. Shots!
  5. Klingon holiday socks that don’t appear to cling on. Works for Halloween as long as you walk with Jack and Sally.
  6. The aforementioned Dening signed Art print.
  7. A bottle stopper sporting the head of false alien Balok, Opie’s brother.
  8. A keyring. Kind of a double show hit with its animated Tom Paris visage.
  9. A stress ball in the form of the original USS Enterprise shuttle, Galileo 7. Spock wished he had one of these on Taurus II.
  10. A Klingon Bird of Prey bookmark. Not sure how it works with a PADD or an iPad, but perhaps the recipient may have been influenced by one Samuel T. Cogley.
  11. My favorite of the advent items: metal ice cubes embossed with Voyager-style delta shields.
  12. If you want your guests to “Live Long and Prosper,” pierce their olives with these Vulcan greeting cocktail sticks. In a pinch.

So, there you have it.  A fun array of gifts and a few references that may help you or your recipient make an even closer connection to these quality trinkets.

Touching down in the shuttle bay

Insights Editions crafted a fun advent calendar worthy of collection or as a gift for any Star Trek fan. The gift items, their unique packaging and the shuttle enclosure will all likely find their way into the collections, the shelves and the hearts of Trekkies lucky enough to receive one of the 1701 limited edition shuttles.

12 Days of Star Trek Advent Calendar countdown need not be applied to the Advent. It is equally compelling, perhaps more so, as a lead-up to Halloween—or even better, Star Trek Day (September 8). Or William Shatner’s birthday (March 22). Or the day the USS Enterprise shuttle was christened by NASA (September 17)—or any day or event that you want to count down with twelve Star Trek collectibles before you start celebrating.

And speaking of celebrating, even a brief glance at the inventory divulges plenty of party helpers among the booty. Ten Forward, here I come.

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