In what is probably one of the smarter moves in the 21st century thus far, DC’s planned “Meet the Publisher” panel at C2E2 has been cancelled, according to the website.

The panel was originally planned to feature C2E2 guest Jim Lee and Dan DiDio in the latest episode of their long running road show. But following DiDio’s departure last week, the panel was trimmed down to just the one publisher, Lee. But now it has been cancelled entirely.

Given all the tumult and change, sending Lee out there to face the crowds and questions about what is happening was probably just not a good idea.

Lee will still have his spotlight panel on Saturday, though, and one can’t help but suspect that the topic of DC will be mentioned. Save me a seat!

“Meet the Publishers” was not the only panel cancelled, to be fair. One featuring Marvel’s Joe Quesada and several Webtoons events were also cancelled.

As for what is actually going on at DC…well, I’m hoping to run a round-up of rumors and reactions tomorrow. It’s still a lot of question marks over people’s head.