We had a few moments to stop by a signing for 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking last night, and snapped a picture of Nina Weiner, Taschen’s Managing Editor for Pop Culture, author Paul Levitz, DC’s Steve Korte, and Taschen Art Director Josh Baker. I have seen a lot of books about comics, but I have never seen a more beautiful one than this — the reproductions are incredibly crisp and vibrant, and there are double page pull-outs, charts and even a chromium insert to mark the “modern age.” With the text, Levitz proves that if knowing everything there is to know about a company’s history qualifies you to run that company, he was the best qualified president in history.

I spoke to Baker briefly about the making of the book and its remarkable imagery — nearly everything was shot from the collection of a single person, Ian Levine, and they photographed as much as they could; the photos were then processed by Taschen’s mysterious black ops art department in Germany to a crystalline purity.

The result is almost scary in its massive size and heft — people joked that you could make a coffee table from the thing. As a scrapbook of DC’s history with comics, panels, photos, and bibliographical material, it’s a comprehensive overview of 75 years of storytelling. The $200 price tag is also daunting, but if you want the ultimate DC art book, it’s worth it.

More on Levitz’s work on the book here.



  1. I got it from Amazon, but if given no other choice I would have paid the full $200 for it. This is a remarkable piece of publishing.

  2. Anyone who bought this through Amazon, did they manage to get it to you relatively un-damaged?

    I actually took the unprecedented step of having it gift-wrapped for no reason, just thinking it might provide a little extra protection — no such luck. There was no padding in the box at all, and it showed on every bashed-in corner. For an item this expensive, even discounted, that’s just ludicrous to me.

  3. I ordered this from amazon but it won’t ship until Dec. 14. I don’t think I can wait so I’ll pay full price at my LCS.