DC’s been teasing new digital content for over a year.  They must be looking to make an announcement within a few months, because all of a sudden this initiative has a name, “DC Universe,” and a website.  At least we hope it’s only a few months.  One of the things being teased is scheduled for 2019 release.

What’s being teased?

Previously announced as an animated series.

The new season of Young Justice, which has been in production for awhile now.

Live action series that was originally being pitched to TNT, if memory serves.

None of these are new announcements at all, though Titans and Young Justice have definitely been higher profile than the Harley Quinn cartoon.

How long has DC been talking about doing significant streaming content (more than just the odd short form cartoon)?  Remember back in 2015 when they were talking about doing a live action streaming Static Shock with Jayden Smith?  That never came to fruition, but that’s how long this talk has been going on in the public eye.

One suspects there a little more to this than just streaming.  There’s some language about fan community and you see the odd cryptic tweet like:


Wait… Swamp Thing?

Actually, Geoff Johns isn’t totally going rogue with that hashtag.  It may not be one of the official announcement banners on the site, but a live action Swamp Thing streaming series was announced today, too.   That’s the one scheduled for 2019, so we should probably assume that’s part of the second or third wave of content.

So there’s a little more going on here than meets the eye.

The big question that remains unanswered:

Is there going to be a digital comics component to this?  There’s been all kinds of speculations that DC’s version of Marvel Unlimited will be tied to this, but I’ve yet to hear anything from a connected source on that.


  1. Very much hoping for a Comics component to this, it would be a significant add-on and would set that package apart from both Marvel Unlimited and the countless streaming services available right now.

    I’m also keeping my fingers crossed this will end up as a streaming hub for all older DC related television and film projects. So, all the Timm-verse cartoons, Brave and the Bold, the Reeves movies, the old Superboy series, you name it.

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