DC have decided to have some fun with descriptive words today, as a number of teaser images have flown into the inbox regarding their upcoming all-in event storyline Forever Evil. So far we have one for the Green Lantern books, one for the Young Justice books, and one for the Batman books. They are high on TEASE, so be warned! Especially the Green Lantern one.

ForeverEvil_Teaser_Ads_ALL.inddThe first one is for Green Lantern, and shows a woman bathed in green light which hides her identity. My first belief is that this is Soranik Natu, Sinestro’s daughter, because she looks a bit purple-y. Others have wondered otherwise, however, with guesses ranging from Katma Tui through to a new female Green Lantern from Earth.


The second teaser image relates to the Teen Titans, who were recently solicited to get brutally defeated in the main event series. I’m not sure, but it sure does look like Superman and Catwoman are the ones stomping their dirty shoes across the Teen Titan logo.


Thirdly comes Nightwing, whose regular series logo is swamped with dropping blood. Nightwing has been rumoured to be the central focus character of Forever Evil, so it comes as no surprise to see that he’s front and centre in these teaser images.

More to come, un-doubtedly!


  1. Michael, that character’s species isn’t evident, even if her gender is. I was kind of assuming she’s Soranik Natu, a GL surgeon from Korugar and Kyle Rayner’s one-time love-interest.


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