bwrebirth3finalMultiple sources are reporting that DC was touting three books as their second wave of Rebirth titles at today’s retailer breakfast: the Bennett/Epting Batwoman title that was announced today, the Orlando/Reis Justice League of America title that was previously announced and… the previously MIA Super Sons?

You may recall that Super Sons was announced as part of the initial Rebirth lineup.  Much as with Superwoman, nobody was quite sure what the title was going to be and then it never landed on the schedule. Of course, that was also before we discovered that the Rebirth Superman could easily be titled “Superman and Son” or arguably “Superboy.”  With an arc of that on the shelves, a Jon Kent / Damien Wayne title would not be such a bolt out of the blue.  It also makes a lot of sense to hold on and launch such a title _after_ the first Superman arc is over and the character is a little more visible.  It does potentially give DC another book that could aimed squarely at the YA market that’s finally getting attention from the DM publishers.

Who’s the team on Super Sons? Wait and see.  With a delayed launch, it could be someone new.

A three title second wave and the one of those titles was announced as the first wave?  That’s not much of a wave, but it _is_ a good indication that it’s not a wave driven by the need to cancel and replace underperforming titles, which would be great news for just about everyone.


  1. I heard a rumor that Chris Burnham was attached to that Super-Sons book as a writer, and I loved that idea, hope that’s still the case.

  2. Considering DC has a panel on Saturday called “DC Rebirth – What’s Next?”, I assume there will be more titles announced.

  3. From what I read earlier, these 3 titles are the ones debuting in February. I expect the Rebirth wave 2 to roll out over 3-4 months like wave 1 did. Of course wave 2 will be smaller than wave 1 but probably bigger than just these 3 titles.

  4. I’d like to see…
    Justice League Dark
    Martian Manhunter
    Green Arrow/Green Lantern
    The Question
    Sons of Gotham (NIghtwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin)

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