We haven’t actually watched it but DC just rolled out a trailer for Doomsday Clock, the Geoff Johns and Gary Frank series that finally has the Watchmen verse meeting the DCU. Here’s is a description:

Join Johns as he speaks candidly about this thought-provoking new series. From the hints left in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, to his collaboration with Gary Frank, this first look digs into the origin of the series and provides more insight on how DOOMSDAY CLOCK is truly a story of our time.  

Uh oh, of our times. Insane and exhausting then.

UPDATEL having seen the trailer I was going to make a joke when I wrote the above about Doctor Manhattan’s whangdoodle but whaddaya know, they put Doctor Manhatten’s whangdoodle in. Also, pretty much of the times.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 hits shelves November 22, 2017.

IF it doesn’t show up below here’s the link.