Yes, you read that headline correctly.  The DC licensing people have been busy.  I was alerted to a DC presence at the liquor store.  It seems if you’re of legal age and want to partake of adult beverages, Superman is ready to come along for the ride.


And really, incorporating the golden lasso into the opener’s design is genius.  Accordingly, the Superman bottler opener is cheaper than the Wonder Woman on Amazon.

No, I can’t really explain why Wonder Woman is in the art for this, but isn’t one of the glasses.  If you want to get it online, here’s the link.

The capes really are a nice touch.  The Beat assumes its readers would prefer to use koozies on wholesome glasses of milk, but we could only find Superman and Batman online in the style with the capes.  And let’s face it, you need the capes.


  1. I’m always a bit amused when new DC-related products have designs that harken back as much as 40 years.

  2. As a quasi-interesting observation, I notice that the character art on the shot glass box and the Superman bottle opener are the classic (Garcia-Lopez?) style, but the Wonder Woman bottle opener image seems to be a more recent artistic interpretation of the Amazing Amazon…

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