BM_50_polybagSUPERMAN_50_polybagWho could have foreseen this! In March, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a film that may have more to do with the future of DC comics than anything that  has come before will open in theaters.

And DC comics will feature Batman v Superman themed covers —and another round of black polybagged covers, as with February’s Harley Quinn month.

As before, all ten comics with variant covers will have three black polybagged variants of equal quantity—su unti you open it you won’t know which you get, the pencil version, the B&W inked version or the full color version.
The images suplied are photo collages and not final it would seem.
Here’s the full list of variants:
BATMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by JIM LEE
DETECTIVE COMICS #50 – Polybagged variant cover by RAFAEL GRAMPA
BATGIRL #50 – Polybagged variant cover by KEVIN NOWLAN
GRAYSON #18 – Polybagged variant cover by STEPHEN PLATT
ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #10 – Polybagged variant cover by RYAN OTTLEY
BATMAN/SUPERMAN #30 – Polybagged variant cover by TONY MOORE
SUPERMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by KAARE ANDREWS
ACTION COMICS #50 – Polybagged variant cover by MARTIN ANSIN
SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #27 – Polybagged variant cover by CHARLIE ADLARD
WONDER WOMAN #50 – Polybagged variant cover by MASSIMO CARNEVALE


  1. One would think that Superman: Lois and Clark would deserve a variant considering that Lois Lane is the 3rd billed female chatecter in the movie and it’s actually LOIS (not Wonder Woman) who is living with Clark Kent in Batman v Superman. But I realize that that would be expecting DC Comics to 1) remember that they have more than one female character who is important and 2) have any kind of synergy with their products and marketing. As per usual, DC Comics fails on both fronts.

  2. Correction; Lois Lane is the FIRST billed FEMALE chatecter in the movie. 3rd overall. Yet, the comic bearing her name doesn’t get a variant. Because DC clearly thinks they did “enough” by just promoting Wonder Woman and can’t be bothered to care about any other women because that would require actual effort.

  3. Lois and Clark comic is 12 issues limited series that does not seem to be selling well at all. All listed comics are ongoings that are much more stable sellers.

    Its really nothing against Lois, but simply DC focusing on boosting sales of their ongoings.

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