Today, DC Comics announced that on May 2nd, the publisher will release a 25 cent sampler comic called DC Nation #0. The book, coming in at 32 pages, will tease upcoming events from stories written by Tom King, Scott Snyder, and Brian Michael Bendis– arguably DC’s three most prolific writers at present.

Coming off of this morning’s news that Bendis is taking over script duties on Superman and Action ComicsDC Nation #0 will include a prelude to his Man of Steel weekly miniseries. This story will be drawn by José Luis García-López, a veteran comics artist who made his DC debut in 1975, inking Dick Dillin on a backup story from Action Comics #448.

Snyder’s story will act as a preview of this summer’s major Justice League event, Justice League: No Justice. This series, co-written by James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and artist Francis Manapul, will focus on the events that follow Snyder’s and Greg Capullo’s current Dark Nights: Metal event. The DC Nation #0 preview will be drawn by Jorge Jiménez.

King will make his appearance in DC Nation #0 alongside frequent collaborator Clay Mann to preview an upcoming storyline from his long-running Batman series. Those following the book will know that last year, Bruce proposed to Selina Kyle. Now, with the wedding fast approaching in Batman #50, it looks like Joker will return to make some objections to the match. For those keeping score at home, the last time we saw the Crown Prince of Crime in the present day of the DCU was in Dark Days: The Casting, where it was revealed that one of three current Jokers was being kept in a sublevel of the Batcave.

Finally, DC plans to tease a new promo magazine, also called DC Nation, in DC Nation #0. This fan magazine will be free and hit comic book stores and digital newstands on June 6th.