We might be stuck at the Portland Airport and unable to partake in the festivities, but Midtown Comics is ground zero for New 52 hoopla as Jim Lee and Geoff Johns promote the hell out of FLASHPOINT #5 and JLA #1 with the Midnight Madness event. Jim Lee’s busy day began with a redeye flight (he slept the whole way) and included 10 hours if interviews followed by …. a media event. The schedule has been matched by Johns, minus the redeye. Here’s the dynamic DC duo on ABC News, talking relaunchboot.

The Midtown signing goes until 3 am. Here’s a list of more Midnight events for those who want to join in the excitement.

UPDATE: And now they’re feeding the people pizza.


Photo via Paul Nomad.


  1. Johns really gets dressed up for TV, doesn’t he? You’d think he’d dress a lot better to get people to take him seriously. To the general public first appearances are everything and he looks like he’s in slacker mode.