Another industry legend is leaving a company to work on more personal projects: David Scroggy the 23-year veteran who was most recently Dark Horse’s vice president of product development, is. stepping down effective July 1, although he’ll be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Scroggy got his start in the pre-Cambrian era of the early direct sales market in 1975, working as a retailer, distributor, editorial director (with Pacific Comics, one of the first “independent” comics publishers), artist agent, and as a key organizer of San Diego Comic-Con. All of this happened before he joined Dark Horse where he perfected some of the things he had pioneered including making collectibles just for fans, a gorgeous array of statues, action figures, lunch boxes, odd giftware, and other cool things. I guarantee you have one of them near you as your read this.

Scroggy joins other recently retired industry luminaries as Bob Wayne and Michael Martens in that I expect we’ll still be seeing a lot of him in a more relaxed role as “Founding Father.”

“Twenty-three years after arriving in Oregon, it is hard to leave a unique position at Dark Horse, but it is time for me to concentrate on more personal creative work and explorations,” noted David Scroggy. “I want to thank Mike Richardson and Neil Hankerson for believing in me and giving me the freedom to try new things, and add to Dark Horse’s legacy of quality and diversity. The many challenges and opportunities in creating such a variety of projects have brought me into worldwide contact with an incredible array of creative talents, manufacturers, and licensors. All of them have added to our success, not to mention Dark Horse’s skilled and energetic in-house team.“

“For over two decades, David has been a key to Dark Horse’s success. Beginning as vice president of publishing and later, as he assumed leadership of our product division, he has been a joy to work with and we will miss him more than I can say,” remarked Dark Horse president Mike Richardson. “David was a friend of mine long before he came to Dark Horse and that will never change.”



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