Launched on Sunday, Aces Weekly is a new anthology series created by David Lloyd, which seeks to bring back the spirit of traditional British comics to the digital era. The idea is that, like those last great bastions of British comics The Beano and 2000AD, Aces Weekly will collect together stories from a number of different creators in each volume, available weekly via subscription. The difference here though is that Aces Weekly will be available exclusively online, and can only be picked up by logging in to the site and setting up your subscription.

Lloyd has managed to gather an impressive number of artists and writers with an expansive range of styles and ideas for the project. Lew Stringer will be bringing his Combat Colin character to the first volume, while creators like David Hitchcock, Phil Hester/John McCrea, Alexandre Tefengki/Alain Mauricet, JC Vaughan/Mark Wheatley, Dave Jackson and Lloyd himself complete the lineup for this first volume. And upcoming volumes will include David Hine, Shaky Kane, Colleen Doran, Roger Langridge, Bill Sienkiewicz, Herb Trimpe and Henry Flint. Among others! You can find a full list of talent here.

And that’s a look at some of Lloyd’s art from Volume One. Click it to get a better look! It demands to be looked at in widescreen.

Aces Weekly will be released one volume at a time, with each volume made up of seven weekly-released issues. Every week the main stories will be continued, until they reach their conclusion in part seven. Volume one, for example, is made up of five main features, in addition to a number of smaller strips and cartoons rounding out the page count. Ultimately, each volume will amount to 126 pages of digital content, for £6.99 ($9.99).


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    ACES WEEKLY is multi platform (apple, android, windows you name it), and can be viewed on any computer or tablet, basically any device that connects to the internet, but obviously, a phone screen is way too small to do the strips justice.

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