It’s been eighteen months since The SeedsAnn Nocenti and David Aja‘s “eco-fiction tech-thriller” published by Dark Horse’s Berger Books imprint, released its second of four issues. The wait for the conclusion of the series is soon to be over, though, as Aja has tweeted that he’s completed work on the fourth issue of the series.

In the tweet, Aja jokes about resuming his social life now that work on the series is finished.

The artist has tweeted sporadically about The Seeds for a while, with a May 2019 tweet indicating the third issue was completed and that he’d begun work on the fourth, and another from this past January indicating he was nearly finished with the fourth issue, and that both the final two issues and a collected edition of all four will be coming soon. In that January thread he also shared an unlettered page from a forthcoming issue, and it’s as beautiful and moody as we’ve come to expect from the former Hawkeye artist:

The Seeds David Aja
Unlettered preview page from THE SEEDS. Art by David Aja.

The Seeds was one of the first titles teased back when Dark Horse and Karen Berger announced the launch of the Berger Books imprint. The first two issues of the series, which blended elements of body horror and science fiction, were released in fall of 2018, but after the third issue’s release was pushed back into spring of 2019, it was eventually pulled from the schedule.

As to a reason for the delay, that’s not entirely clear. Back in September Aja tweeted about some health issues, though it was unclear if he or someone close to him was experiencing them (the tweets have since been deleted). Regardless of the reason, The Beat wishes Aja well, and we’re excited to finally see more work from the Eisner winner whenever it hits shelves.