Dave Bautista sure is making himself at home in the genre film world.  Guardians of the Galaxy and assorted MCU appearances; Blade Runner: 2047; Spectre; Riddick… you seeing a pattern here?  Time to add another one to the list.

Deadline has Bautista attached to Dogtown, which is an adaption of Jason Pearson’s Body Bags comic, which has been coming out sporadically since 1996.

Here’s the series premise from the comic’s description:

15 seconds into the future: criminals are protected by so many laws the police are no longer effective. Enter the bounty hunters…or, as they’re known on the street, “BODY BAGGERS.” When the cops can’t take the bad guys down, they hire out to bring the most dangerous fugitives in. Dead or alive.

Dogtown will be scripted by Kyle Ward, who also scripted John Wick 2.

This is all being done under the Bold Films banner and Bold has a few critical hits under their belt with Whiplash, Drive and Nightcrawler.  (No, not X-Men.  That’s the film with Jake Gyllenhaal as a creepy stringer for TV news — well worth your time, actually.)  Bold is apparently looking at John Wick/Baby Driver/Atomic Blonde as action movies with similar budgets as the sort of ballpark they’ll be playing in with Dogtown and an executive has said they’re looking to have a Deadpool-type mix of humor and action.