Good god do I love these “art of” game books; not only do they make the most interesting things a coffee table can be decorated with, but there’s often tons of things you didn’t see in the video games they’re made from. Making them must have collectibles for fans of the various franchises. Dark Horse Comics has published some of the most masterful collections of these books around including those based on Tomb Raider, and recently Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The publisher has announced their newest with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V.

At this point it’s not clear if the visionary game designer behind the series, Hideo Kojima, will have a forward of any kind in the book. Earlier this year, Kojima officially parted ways with the game’s publisher Konami after a year long controversy over the company’s direction going forward. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was well received by critics and audiences racking up numerous Game of the Year awards.

The book published by Dark Horse will show fans a chronicle of the game’s development. Those who remember the Metal Gear Solid comic are in for a treat. In addition to the standard release, The Art of Metal Gear Solid V will also receive a limited edition of four hundred copies packaged in a tactical slipcase featuring an exclusive fine art print by superstar illustrator Ashley Wood.

The Art of Metal Gear Solid V is in stores November 20, 2016. Fans can preorder copies at their local comic book shop and online retailers like Amazon.

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