Now this is smart! After FCBD, Dark Horse is making its free comics available for free download for a limited amount of time. Downloads will be available starting Wednesday, May 11, and run through the end of the month. Criminal Macabre/Baltimore and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Star Wars: The Clone Wars will both be available via computer, Mac iOS device on the Digital.DarkHorse.com, or via the Dark Horse Comics bookshelf app.


  1. I thought stores gave out free comics so that people would visit the stores. If I can read the comic online for free, why bother visiting the store?

    Also, if it’s a FCBD comic, why the limited availability? Why not place all past FCBD issues online, for free viewing forever?

  2. I was surprised that all the FCBD comics weren’t available on comixology Saturday. If the point is to gain new readers, why not make them more readily available? Here in Omaha, we had several comic shops that participated, but go to outstate NE, and there are no comic stores for several 100 miles!

  3. I understand the pull to get us in the brick and mortar stores. They need us to eat cake, congregate, celebrate and buy stuff.

    I have mixed feelings about the”free” aspect. Why should comics ever be free? Are we teaching kids that comics SHOULD be free?? A self fulfilling prophesy? Maybe we should rename it COMIC PREVIEW DAY.

    As always though, I enjoy the hustle and bustle of FCBD, but wonder why so few retailers use techniques to get us back in their store in the weeks after.

    You plant a seed, and then plant another seed each May?

  4. To be technical, Apple iOS devices are just that; they are not “Mac iOS”. The only things that are Macs are, um, y’know, Macs running the Macintosh OS.