Dark Horse have thrown their saddle into the announcement arena, with the news that this December they’ll be publishing a print version of Victor Santos’ silent webcomic Polar. An interesting wrinkle, though, is that the print edition is going to include dialogue for the entire story. Santos has written a script especially for the print edition.


Clocking in at 160 pages, Polar: Came from The Cold is a spy story about a retired agent whose former bosses put out a hit on him. Santos originally published the series online, for free, garnering acclaim from critics and readers alike. This new print version will package the story together with a newly-added script, taking the formerly-silent series into a very different direction.


If you choose to read the free webcomic, you get the wordless edition of the story. If you buy the print, you get a full script. That’s definitely going to make for an interesting comparison further down the line, right?



  1. I notice you often say in stories stuff like this: “Dark Horse have thrown …” — but Dark Horse is a singular entity, so it should say: “Dark Horse has …”

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