Dark Horse Comics has brought dozens of Comixology Originals titles to print since the beginning of the two publisher’s agreement back in 2020. That lineup is set to increase next year, as Dark Horse will bring four more Originals books to print, including HailstoneCold IronThe Never Ending Party, and Beatrix Rose: Vigilante.

Here are the details and release dates from Dark Horse for all four Comixology Originals titles making the leap from digital to print next year:

Written by Rafael Scavone
Art by Rafael de Latorre
Release Date: June 20, 2023

From Stout Club Entertainment writer Rafael Scavone (A Study in Emerald, Hit-Girl and Funny Creek) and illustrator Rafael de Latorre (Animosity, Black Widow and Daredevil) comes Hailstone, collecting the Comixology Originals 5-issue digital series in print for the first time.

In the isolated Montana town of Hailstone, cut off from the outside world by a brutal winter, food is running low and people are going missing. Desperate townsfolk turn to Sheriff Denton Ross and the nearby Military factory for help. But why is the factory here, so far from the war? And how is it able to supply the Union forces with the town cut off by snow? In their search for answers, Sheriff Ross and his deputy Tobias will discover dark secrets about the mysterious factory, their seemingly sleepy town, and Ross’ own past that will change their lives forever…. If they survive.

Cold Iron
Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Nick Brokenshire
Release Date: July 4, 2023

Cold Iron, collecting the 4-issue digital series from Comixology Originals in print for the first time, is a supernatural thriller steeped in Celtic mythology.

In Cold Iron, the Isle of Man is a place out of time. Steeped in Celtic myth, Viking history and Faerie folklore, it nestles in the Irish Sea midway between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales — though to aspiring singer-songwriter Kay Farragher, it feels a million miles from anywhere. She dreams of escaping the humdrum life of a sleepy backwater, and gives no credence to her grandmother’s old folktales and odd superstitions. But when she saves Mona — a traumatized girl, lost in the night of Hop-tu-Naa, or Manx Samhain — Kay quickly realizes this is no mere Halloween prank gone wrong. In the mossy glens and rainswept valleys of the island, the shadows of a forgotten past are gathering once more. There is another world, an older world, close by our own but out of reach. On this night the walls grow thin, and someone — or something — has clawed its way through. And it is here to hunt….

The Never Ending Party
Co-written by Rachel Pollack and Joe Corallo
Art by Eva Cabrera
Release Date: July 25, 2023

The supernatural and modernity collide in The Never Ending Party, which collects the 5-issue digital series from Comixology Originals in print for the first time. Rachel Pollack, best known for her prolific run on Doom Patrol in the 1990s makes her return to full length comic series writing alongside co-writer Joe Corallo, artist Eva Cabrera, colorists Cons Oroza and Claudia Aguirre, letterers Zakk Saam and Micah Myers, and editor Noah Sharma.

Twenty-five years after losing her lover Lulu in a cult ritual for Dionysus gone wrong, Mindy Morrow is trying to live her life and put the past behind her. Unfortunately for Mindy, the past won’t let her go. While she’s taking care of her friend Flavia, Mindy’s frenemy Kate Park is trying to lure her back into the old club scene, while something more ancient and terrifying awaits them all. Let the party begin.

Beatrix Rose: Vigilante
Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Valeria Favoccia
Release Date: August 1, 2023

Beatrix Rose: Vigilante collects the 5-issue digital series—featuring characters from bestselling author Mark Dawson’s KDP crime novels, Beatrix Rose—from Comixology Originals in print for the first time Beatrix Rose: Vigilante and written by Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips.

Beatrix Rose–an assassin ripped from her old life, trapped working for the Triads in Hong Kong, and forced to protect them when a killer starts to target her bosses. They call this killer a Demon, unable to be stopped, striking at will. Beatrix has no choice but to find this Demon, to take them out, or die trying.

The quartet of new titles join books like Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo‘s Eisner-winning Afterlift and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s We Have Demons in Dark Horse Comics’s lineup of digital Comixology titles now in physical editions.

All four books will have a cover price of $22.99 US. Look for HailstoneCold IronThe Never Ending Party, and Beatrix Rose: Vigilante to arrive in stores next summer.