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Long running—since 2004—and very popular webcomic Girls with Slingshots will be drawing to a close in the next few months, as announced in the strip and an essay. Creator Danielle Corsetto will be taking some time off to further her art education, but she doubts that it’s the last we’ve seen of the characters in the strip:

But I doubt it’ll be the end of GWS. And by “doubt” I mean “unless next year’s artistic experiments result in an intense interest in psychedelics and I shift my path from comics to acrylic tie-dye style paintings on turtle shells,” you will see Hazel and Jamie and everyone else again. It most likely won’t be in webcomic form; in fact, if GWS comes back, it’ll be a format that will give the characters more room to breathe.

I was a photo major in college, and despite a handful of great art classes, I never quite got the art education I wanted. I’ll be pursuing that in the upcoming year, taking classes and experimenting with paint and classic media, so that no matter what I do after this, it’ll be my best effort.

And I’ll be sharing my progress here, because uuuhhh honestly I think I’d get lonely if I didn’t. :) I’m forever indebted to those of you who read this comic every day and have been for ages; your patronage and support over the years has been unparalleled, and I’d honestly miss y’all if I didn’t stick around where you can find me. 

Corsetto is part of a pretty sturdy generation of webcomic makers, but she’s earned some time off. Best of luck wherever this takes her.


  1. Definitely a good creator. Will b missed. Love all types of comics. Wish I was super-rich so I could help support all these indie peoples.

  2. Love your comic strip! Sad to hear that it will be missing from my life, no matter how long or short of a time period it is. The characters you present remind me so much of friends old and new. It makes me wonder how much is drawn from YOUR life. :) Best of luck with anything you set your hands and mind too!

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