By Steve Morris

The first creative team for the December-launching Marvel Now comics has been revealed today on Newsarama: artist Steve Dillon and writer Daniel Way will be relaunching Thunderbolts. The team will be named after their new leader – Thunderbolt Ross, AKA the Red Hulk.

As you can see, the rest of the team will be Elektra, Deadpool, Punisher and Venom. This is a big shift away from the typical premise of Thunderbolts, and seems to be something more akin to Secret Avengers than anything else. It’s a black-ops team made up of serial killers, assassins and soldiers, led by a smash-happy Hulk. Big shift! The big draw here will likely be Steve Dillon returning to Punisher, although the rest of the team are so eccentric that you’d be hard-pressed to work out which one will steal the limelight here.

Keep your eyes peeled: CBR, iFanboy and Comics Alliance probably all have an exclusive apiece, which they’ll reveal over the rest of the week. Who will be next to reveal all?


  1. I like the misfit, loser, Thunderbolts that are mostly just losers, degenerates and thieves who, aren’t necessarily bad guys. This looks like just another black ops team of killers.

  2. I don’t like this direction, either. I wanna see Moonstone, Ghost and the Fixer trying to act like good guys. And Troll. I want to see Troll.

    BUT I will say that Ross returning to his human form in an attempt to assassinate Cyclops was one of the very few interesting stories that’s come out of AvX. It’s at least possible to make Red Hulk interesting. I’m not sure that’s true about Deadpool or the Punisher at this point.

  3. I loved Juggernaut on the team. I’d love to see him again, I know he’s showing up in Dark Avengers sometime in the next few months. (and just judging from the 3 or 4 stores I’ve been to in the last few months the title change hasn’t really done much to help sales)

  4. Not a chance I’m getting this. Way ruined Deadpool for me, and now he’s going to write him teamed up with four characters that I either don’t like or don’t care about. Call it whatever you want, I’m not reading it.

  5. Also makes me wonder if the current ‘dark avengers / t-bolts’ book with jeff parker will continue or be retired….

  6. Hey…
    does anyone know THE BEAT’s email address…like for basic news and info? Or Heidi’s email?

    I don’t have a default email address and thats what it requests when I try to email. So I need the actual email addy so I can send it out via Yahoo.

    Any help would be great….thanks.

  7. Daniel Way seems to be the go-to guy Marvel utilizes to get me to stop buying books when my finances get tight and I need to drop something. He helped me drop Deadpool, Astonishing X-Men, and now Thunderbolts. Can you help a brother out and put him on a few Avengers books too?

  8. I was nearly ready to start crying!! But thank god it is Thunderbolts in name only. No interest in reading a book by either creator attached.

    Hopefully Parker is still going to be writing the actual real Thunderbolts in Dark Avengers.

    Marvel and their weird ass title names….

  9. Thunderbolts is another property (like Exiles) that would do it good to retire it for a few years, then bring it back w/an all-star creative team.

    NOT Way!!!!!!!!

  10. Not a fan of Steve Dillion art… at all. not sure how the same head on ever character with the same face is a draw

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