Spider-Man #797 art by Stuart Immonen

As announced in this long interview at Vulture, Dan Slott will take over Iron Man following his decade long run on the webslinger:

Yeah! Tony Stark: He makes you feel; he’s a cool exec with a heart of steel. I’m all excited. They’d asked me to do Iron Man a while back, but by then I was at Surfer and I had Spidey and I was already overcommitted, so it kept gnawing at me. Like, Oh, man. I really do want to do Iron Man. This would be fun. And when that came around again, it was like, Okay, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I want Iron Man. I want this. I want this really bad. I grew up in a world where you could ask a layman on the street, you could ask the guy in the deli carving the meat, you could ask anybody, “Who’s Clark Kent?” and they could go, “Superman.” Who’s Bruce Wayne?” “Batman.” “Who’s Peter Parker?” “Spider-Man.” And that was about it. And now, we live in a world where people know Tony Stark is Iron Man. Everyone in the world knows who this character is, and everyone in the world knows who Tony Stark is. This is Tony Stark, Iron Man. This gonna be about technology in the Marvel universe in a very specific way and it’s gonna lead to very big things.

And also on Twitter:

Slott is winding down on Spider-Man with issue #801, a move in the works for years. However he does note that chasing Bendis as the longest run on Spider-Man is now something that he has a shot at in the future:

Yeah, I had already told everyone like, three or four [Marvel creative] retreats ago and already cleared it with Marvel so they could get another writer ready and all the machinery was in motion. And Brian left and I was like, Nooooo. That put it within reach! Like, climbing all the way up to Everest and seeing someone else’s flag up there and going, I’m like 20 feet away, but I’ll turn around and you head back home. But, you know, there’s … for this master plan to work, it doesn’t have to be Amazing Spider-Man. Who knows? Like, two, three years from now, I could go back and go, “Hey, let me do Web of Spider-Man. Let me do a new version of Untold Tales of Spider-Man.” I just gotta hit that for 18 or 20 issues and we’re good.

In an era where anything longer than a six issue run is a feat of longevitiy, Slott’s long Spidey run was one of Marvel’s most consistent sellers. But you know fresh blood, fresh challenges.