Disney held their big D23 Comic-Con/Fanfest over the last few days and it drew some 18,000 people on Friday and 21,000 on Saturday, according to
Variety. There were apparently many activities and hoopla but for news it was a bit dull. Okay Tom Hiddleston is Disney’s most favorite person as it was announced he wold play Captain Hook in a new Peter Pan thingie, but other than that…no new Star Wars or Marvel movie news, which is what everyone was hoping for. Oh sure, they announced a whole bunch of Pixar movies, which is cool, including the first one with a female protagonist that isn’t about having a female protagonist, INSIDE OUT from director Pete Doctor. There was also a “Women of Pixar” panel, perhaps to remove some of the sting about it being such a boys club:


Jeph Loeb showed off the Agents of Shield TV Show:
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…and wore a t-shirt.

The Whole Marvel Weird thing was…well, weird.

It turned out to be a poster with an AR code that led to a video of Marvel editor Bill Rosemann. Okay that is EXTREMELY Weird. (Kidding, Bill.)

“Hello, True Believers. Are you ready to get weird? Stay tuned for more demented details on this all-new comic project from your freaky friends at Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineers,” Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann says in the video that’s unlocked when you view the poster through the Marvel AR App–but that’s all. And, honestly, since Marvel.com let slip that it was a “comics project” before Disney did, that’s not much more than we already knew.

So, putting together the pieces, it refers to some kind of comics extension of the Museum of the Weird idea that was going to be a movie but wasn’t. I tolja Disney never lets go of a scrap of AR.

Overall, D23 Expo sounds like a bis success for Disney as their very own fanfest. They didn’t really need to release any big news about Doctor Strange being in the new Star Wars movie, for it to succeed….so they didn’t.


  1. Um… how about Richard Sherman and Alan Menken in concert together? (That’s TEN academy awards (+18 additional noms) between the two of them.)

    As for Pixar, didn’t they reveal more about Big Hero Six?

  2. Wasn’t “Museum of the Weird” one of Walt Disney’s original plans for what eventually became Haunted Mansion?

  3. Big Hero 6 is Walt Disney Animation Studios, not Pixar, but they did show a preview and it looked promising. And the Sherman/Menken concert was AMAZING.

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