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Personalized Graphic Novels

Jason Aaron (personalization requests due December 5!)

Punisher Max: Kingpin, HC
Wolverine, Weapon X HC

Brian Azzarello (personalization requests due December 5!)

100 Bullets vol. 1 Deluxe HC
Joker HC

Chester Brown (personalization requests due December 5!)

Paying For It

Louis Riel

Ed Brubaker (personalization requests due December 5!)

Criminal, Deluxe Edition, HC
Captain America Omnibus, HC

Dan Clowes (personalization requests due December 5!)


Death Ray (NEW!)

Mr. Wonderful

Evan Dorkin (personalization requests due December 5!)

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites HC
Milk & Cheese Deluxe HC (NEW!)

Garth Ennis (personalization requests due December 5!)

Preacher HC 1
Preacher HC 2

Preacher HC 3
Preacher HC 4
Preacher HC 5 (NEW!)
Punisher v1
Boys v1

Neil Gaiman (personalization requests due December 5!)

Absolute Sandman 1
Absolute Sandman 2

Absolute Sandman 3
Absolute Sandman 4
Absolute Sandman 5 (NEW!)
Absolute Death

American Gods 10th Anniversary HC

Good Omens

Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? –

Dave Gibbons (Personalization requests due December 2!)

Watching The Watchmen
Life & Times of Martha Washington

Gilbert Hernandez (personalization requests due December 5!)

The Collected LUBA HC

Jaime Hernandez (personalization requests due December 5!)

Locas 2 HC
The Art of Jaime Hernandez HC

Jonathan Hickman (personalization requests due December 5!)

Fantastic Four vol. 1 HC

The Nightly News Anniversary Edition HC (NEW!)

Robert Kirkman (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Walking Dead Compendium 1

Invincible Compendium 1
Walking Dead HC 1

Marvel Zombies HC
Walking Dead HC 7 (NEW!)
Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor Novel HC (NEW!)

Paul Levitz (personalization requests due December 5!)

Legion of Superheroes: The Great Darkness Saga
Legion of Superheroes: The Curse
75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

Larry Marder (personalization requests due December 5!)

Beanworld HC v. 1 – Wahoolazooma
Beanworld HC v. 2 – A Gift Comes
Beanworld HC v.3 – Remember Here When You Are There

Scott McCloud (personalization requests due December 5!)

Understanding Comics

Carla Speed McNeil (personalization requests due December 5!)

Finder Library v. 1
Finder Library v. 2

Frank Miller (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

The Dark Knight Returns
The Dark Knight Strikes Again
Holy Terror
Batman: Year One

Terry Moore (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Stranger in Paradise Omnibus

Echo Complete HC

Seth (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

George Sprott
Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists

Wimbledon Green

Jeff Smith (personalization requests due December 5!)

Bone One Volume Edition

art spiegelman (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

MetaMaus (NEW!)

Adrian Tomine (Personalization Requests Due December 5!)

Scenes From an Impending Marriage

32 Stories

Brian K. Vaughan (personalization requests due December 5!)

Y: The Last Man Deluxe Editions volume 1 – 5

Ex Machina Deluxe Editions volume 1 – 5

Brian Wood (personalization requests due December 5!)

Local HC
Demo SC