Welcome to the latest installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Come with us to learn about a mech with serious issues, a sequel to a fresh take on a tokusatsu-inspired superhero, a fantastic collector item for a spy-fi epic, and a one-of-a-kind must-see event! 


Creators: Kevin J. Anderson (creator/co-writer), David Boop (creator/co-writer), Robert Nix (artist), and Shannon Potratz (letterer)

Goal: $8000

End Date: September 6th, 2023 10:00AM PDT

Goodies: Digital and print copies of the first issue, variant covers, t-shirts, a 15-minute one-on-one chat with Kevin J. Anderson, and more

Harold Hodges is angry. So angry, that upon another arrest for assault, he’s given a choice: he can either clean up toxic Garenthian residue—an almost certain death sentence—or he can enter Travailiant Therapy.  Choosing the better option, Harold pilots a decommissioned, unarmed Decimator, tasked with the reclamation of Earth’s uninhabitable metropolises. His A.I. therapist, T.A.I.T., guides Harold’s aggression in a constructive…or better put, destructive way.  However, what the judges and T.A.I.T didn’t understand about Harold, before  putting him inside a Travailiant mech, is that he has a LOT OF ISSUES  that might backfire and destroy not just our skeletal cities, but Harold himself.

From NYT’s best selling author Kevin J. Anderson and award nominated author David Boop, TRAVAILIANT RISING explores the story of a man with nowhere left to go forced to choose between certain death or piloting a giant mech. Having a protagonist with a lot of issues being forced into fights for their life is not a trope uncommon to mech series, yet seeing it come in the form of a comic and centering on a character who could potentially doom not just himself but his own people as a form of therapy has us at The Beat wanting more. Keep an eye out for this upcoming comic series, it promises to be an exciting addition to mech fans’ and newcomers’ collections alike. 

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Creators: Erica D’urso (Artist/Co-Creator), Mat Groom (Writer/Co-Creator), Igor Monti (Colorist), Becca Carey (Letterer), & Kyle Higgins (Editor)

Goal: $85,00

End Date: September 21 2023 8:59 PM PDT

Goodies: Digital, Hardcover, and Massive-Verse print by artist Jo MI-Gyeong

INFERNO GIRL RED combines the high school super-heroic drama of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE with the dynamic storytelling and world-building of Japanese tokusatsu superheroes, and the intrigue and relationship drama of British boarding school fiction.

Join writer Mat Groom (Marvel Comics’ ULTRAMAN) artist Erica D’Urso (CAPTAIN MARVEL and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS), colorist Igor Monti (RADIANT BLACK, DEEP CUTS), letterer Becca Carey (ROGUE SUN, REDLANDS), editor Kyle Higgins (RADIANT BLACK, NIGHTWING, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS) for an action-packed, 120+ page graphic novel.

In 2021 INFERNO GIRL RED had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. With a goal of $42,037, backers rallied together, pouring in over $100,000 to bring IGR to life. Now, an exciting opportunity arises to own Volume 2. With 500+ backers contributing over $43,000, this sequel continues the story from Volume One’s gripping events. Keep your focus here, Mat Groom and Erica D’urso created something truly special. We’re eagerly anticipating the journey they’re set to take fans and newcomers on in this series.

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Creators: Declan Shalvey (writer and artist)

Goal: $13,043

End Date: Mon, September 25 2023 7:00 AM PDT

Goodies: Exclusive rewards such as Black and white 10 page ‘Dead Drop’ short story, exclusive Kickstarter edition signed by Shalvey, Exclusive trading cards, a silver pin, an OLD DOG A3 poster and mini print, and more!  

The OLD DOG DOSSIER is a 120 page process edition book, digging into the material that made the spy-fi epic. Much like the TIME BEFORE TIME PROCESS EDITION this book dives deep into the creative process behind this project by Declan Shalvey [Alien, Moon Knight] from script, to layouts, pencils, inks and even colors. Unlike any other process book, this shows the entire process by a single creator.

Imagine having the insight into the immense dedication and sweat that went into crafting OLD DOG into a spy-fi masterpiece – it’s enough to thrill any fan of the series. What if I told you that this process book goes beyond the norm? It delves into the artistic journey of a sole creator, none other than the brilliant Declan Shalvey. Plus, it’s paired with a thorough interview. This Dossier isn’t just a collectible; it’s a must-have for your collection!

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Indie Comics Creator Con

Project image for Indie Comics Creator Con

Creators: Matthew Sardo – Convention Director, Rocko Jerome – Director of Programming

Goal: $5000

End Date: September 28th 

Goodies: Celebrate from afar, The golden Ticket! (Backers at this level are going to the show and will receive one ticket to the Indie Comics Creator Con), Indie Comics Year Book (Digital), Ticket & Exclusive Convention Print and much more!

The all-new Indie Comics Creator Con (IC3), a comic book convention focusing on creators and people who support independent art and ideas, will take place Saturday, March 9, 2024, at Southern Connecticut State University. This Kickstarter funds this fledgling effort, keeps costs manageable for the creators you will meet, and gets you in as a charter patron.

This event will be a forum, a marketplace, a touchstone, and a summit for independent people who create comics of every kind and those who appreciate and support them, as well as collect the unique and freewheeling things they make. While other comic cons tend to reflect what’s happening at your local cinematic metroplex and unduly represent decades-old corporate-owned “intellectual property,” IC3 is designed to amplify the voices, vision, and passion of new art, new ideas, and unique sensibilities in the artform and storytelling medium that we collectively call comics.

Running a convention is no easy feat, and wanting to be the next groundbreaking comic book convention takes real boldness. But here at The Beat, our excitement knows no bounds.

Introducing IC3, scheduled for March 9, 2024, at Southern Connecticut State University. This event is more than just a convention – it’s a vibrant platform, a marketplace, a meeting point, and a summit all rolled into one, designed for creators and fans alike. Unlike traditional conventions that often spotlight well-established corporate-owned franchises, IC3 is all about creating a spotlight for new, creator-driven comics to truly shine.

By supporting local conventions, fans play an essential role in continuing these amazing experiences for future fans. Having this convention, a convention dedicated to Indie Comics is something genuinely special, so keep a close eye out for this one – its going to be something to remember.

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