Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between! This week we’re checking out the first-ever glow-in the-dark comic, BREAK: RUN, the continued adventures of Space Bastards, and more.

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Spirit’s Destiny Issue #3

spirit's destiny

Creators: Dorphise Jean (writer/creator), Greg Anderson Elysée (editor), Matteo Illuminati (penciller/inker), Jackson Godwin (colorist), Francisco Zamora (letterer)
Goal: $6,000
End date: February 19, 2021
Goodies: Grab a PDF for $5, get a physical copy for $10, or pledge more for back issues, posters, and more.

Get ready for Spirit’s Destiny Issue 3! Destiny, a Haitian American girl, sneaks out & learns her choices leads to severe consequences.

Spirit’s Destiny is concluding its first arc with the launch of its third campaign. This eccentric amalgam of fantasy, myth and superhero elements follows a rebellious teen named Destiny with a penchant for sneaking out that leads her a bit farther from reality than she might have hoped. Namely, the spirit world. The previous two issues are available at an additional cost for those who aren’t caught up, and delivery is expected as soon as next month. For a peak at interiors, check out the link below.

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Space Bastards – Volume 2 Hardcover

space bastards

Creators: Eric Peterson (writer), Joe Aubrey (writer), Darick Robertson (artist), Boo Cook (artist), Colin MacNeil (artist), Clint Langley (2000AD)
Goal: $12,500
End date: February 18, 2021
Goodies: Get the hardcovers for $30 plus shipping, get them signed for $5 more, or check out higher tiers for prints, sketches and more.

Intergalactic, kickass comics featuring artwork by Darick Robertson, Colin MacNeil, Boo Cook, Clint Langley & more! 

Space Bastards is returning to Kickstarter for not just one, but two upgraded hardcover editions. With this campaign, the 2019 high-octane space adventure aims to raise funds for volumes one and two of the series. The comic follows a band of postal workers in a violent age with only three rules: whoever delivers the package gets paid, you may attack any postal worker for their package, and the more a parcel changes hands, the higher the payout once its delivered. Check out the art at the link below. 

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Torch: Reclaim the Skies #1

torch reclaim the skies

Creators: AJ Rojek (writer/creator), Tom Hoskisson (artist), Daniela Barisone (colorist), Joel Rodriguez (letterer)
Goal: $1,500
End date: February 18, 2021
Goodies: Grab a PDF for $5, get a physical version for $10, or pledge more for variant covers, posters, and more. 

Ex-kid prodigy star pilot Torch yearns for that adrenaline rush. Trouble in the city just might grant her wish in this sci-fi epic. 

A new sci-fi epic is underway with Torch: Reclaim the Skies. This campaign aims to fund the debut issue – which is already completed – in what’s planned to be an ongoing series. It follows Torch Armstrong, an ex-wunderkind-pilot who’s beyond her days of constant adrenaline and looking for a way to break out of her rut. Issue #1 is fully colored, comes in at 24-pages of story, and you can check out the first five in a preview at the link below.

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BREAK: RUN – World’s First Full Length GLOW IN THE DARK Comic

break: run

Creators: Nima Afshar (author)
Goal: $5,790
End date: February 20, 2021
Goodies: Grab a digital copy for $8, go physical for $16, or pledge more for

A post-apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure.

BREAK: RUN is an all-new cyberpunk series taking place in a world preceded by conspiracy and nuclear war. We follow Branko Nourbakhsh as he finds himself wrapped up in the center of it all as decade-old events begin to repeat themselves. And – as you probably read – it’s entirely glow-in-the-dark. An advocate for physical media, Afshar lays out an example of how that looks on the campaign page itself, along with a 24-page preview of the comic. When it’s all said and done, BREAK: RUN will be a full-color, 60-page comic. 

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Arroyo Seco #1: When Coyote Was Human

arroya seco 

Creators: Terrance Grace (writer), Juan Francisco Moyano (artist), Jay Moyano (colorist)
Goal: $3,250
End date: February 13, 2021
Goodies: Grab a PDF for $4, Go physical for $8, or pledge more for additional comics, cover art, and more.

A contemporary noir thriller, where an undercover FBI agent pursues a crooked cop with ties to corrupt politicians and the drug cartel.

Arroyo Seco is set in and around LA, drifting between the metropolitan and the natural, zooming in on the world of police, FBI, and drug cartels and “where good is painted in shades of bad.” We follow an undercover agent named Frank who’s out to find a crooked officer in the LAPD, but ends up finding a body. This is the first in a planned series, and will come out to 33-pages, fully-colored. The team is planning to have art finished in time with the campaign’s end, and should begin delivery as soon as March.

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