Welcome back to The Beat‘s weekly crowdfunding comics round-up! Each week we’ll spotlight comics projects we think would be a great investment, whether it’s a one-shot story or a sprawling anthology. Whether you’re still coming down off the NYCC high or just curious about what’s new in crowdfunding, we’ve got you covered. This week’s round-up includes timely Halloween tales, aquatic explorations in Strange Waters, and duels to the death — in space.

Let’s get going!

1. Machina Corpse Unearthed #RecognizeKSRU

Machina Corpse Unearthed #RecognizeKSRU

Goal: $6,200 USD
Ends: Wed, October 30 2019 6:00 PM EST
Creators: Chandra Free, Stephen Emond
Best Value Tier: $5 USD for a PDF
Machina Corpse, a spooky comics company, is co-created by Chandra Free and Stephen Emond, and we look to create a new home for our work and others and to build a community of fellow spooky-lovers. Our interests lie in odd, dark, funny, beautiful stories; personal passion projects from creative minds with ideas a little too twisted to publish elsewhere.

Machina Corpse bursts onto the scene with a 36 page preview of what the publisher aims to do: deliver haunting, delightfully weird comics for those who love to celebrate spooky season all year long. Their First Offerings comic features two stories, one each by founders Free and Emond, with additional comics offered for stretch goals beyond their initial $6,200 ask. The $5 tier will net you a PDF that includes any of the stretch goal expansions.

You can back the campaign here.

2. La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo #3

La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Tata Rambo #3

Goal: $5,200 USD
Ends: Mon, October 28 2019 3:27 PM EST
Creators: Henry Barajas (Writer), J. Gonzo (Artist), Bernardo Brice (Letters), Claire Napier (Editor)
Best Value Tier: $6 for a digital copy of issue #3, $18 for all three issues
La Voz De M.A.Y.O. is the true story of Ramon Jaurigue, an orphan and WWII veteran who co-founded the Mexican, American, Yaqui, and Others (M.A.Y.O.) organization, which successfully lobbied the Tucson City Council to improve living and working conditions for members of the local Pascua Yaqui tribe.

La Voz de M.A.Y.O. is a stellar comic, both as a dramatized exploration by Barajas of his great grandfather’s life and as a testament to the power of community organizing. This is the third issue of La Voz de M.A.Y.O. with both previously having been Kickstarted successfully by Barajas, and if you need to catch up you can get all three issues in digital format for $18. It’s absolutely worth it.

You can back the campaign here.

3. Strange Waters #RecognizeKSRU

Strange Waters #RecognizeKSRU

Goal: $15,000 USD
Ends: Mon, November 18 2019 10:46 AM EST.
Creators: Anthology, published by Arledge Comics
Best Value Tier: $7 USD for a digital copy
Developed entirely by queer creators, Strange Waters emphasizes not only the freedom water represents but also the mysteries that lurk beneath. Strange Waters is a fantastical collection of comics focusing on a single unifying theme: water. We’re featuring 15 original stories totaling nearly 150 pages that explore the mystery and majesty of strange waters.

Arledge Comics has a strong history as a crowdfunding publisher, with 13 successful prior campaigns (including My Kingdom For A Panel, an anthology of Shakespeare-inspired comics). Their latest, Strange Waters (originally created by Haunted Cosmos Press), features a cover by Michi and brings together more than a dozen creators for stories exploring water and all the ways it appears in our lives (and some ways it might not, though we wish it would). $7 will net you a digital copy, while $15 plus shipping will get you a digital copy and adorable enamel pin or desk flag.

You can back the campaign here.

4. Campfire Stories – A horror comics anthology

Campfire Stories - A horror comics anthology

Goal: Approx $671 USD
Ends: Fri, November 1 2019 10:00 AM EST
Creators: Anthology
Best Value Tier: Approx $3 USD for a digital copy, approx $31 USD including shipping for a digital copy, physical copy, and four prints
Campfire Stories is a 24 page comic anthology containing four tales of terror. Suggested for mature readers. Having arrived early to Ruby Rivers Summer Camp, five camp counselors decide to tell the scariest stories and local legends they know. From monstrous creatures to conniving witches and the horrors of a dark forest. Campfire Stories spans 60 years with each story set in a different decade and told through a variety of horror styles.

Written by Asa Wheatley with art from Kevin Keane, Raquel Kusiak, Garry Mac, and Sammy Ward (with letters from Zakk Saam), Campfire Stories is an eerie collection of spooky stories inspired by classic horror flicks like Blair Witch and Friday the 13th. The comic features an absolutely stunning cover by Natasha Alterici, which is also available as a print.

You can back the campaign here.

5. Neverender: Issue One

Neverender: Issue One

Goal: $2,000 USD
Ends: Fri, November 1 2019 6:58 PM EST
Creators: Devin Kraft
Best Value Tier: $5 for a digital copy
The year is 2X19 and due to breakthroughs in artificial accelerants, mankind has taken to the stars. At the edge of civilization, the dominant sport is a civilized sword duel to the death. In the city of riots, Merrick, a disaffected terrestrial youth fights for his survival. Smash the City. Smash the State. Burn it all, Escape to Space. From the creator of Dragon Slayer and Silence comes a 40+ page black and white explosive first issue about surviving space’s grand expanse.

Devin Kraft’s artwork for Neverender is gorgeous; Kraft does incredible work in black and white, capturing the blinding gleam of high tech weapons or atmospheric fire within the limited palette. $5 will net you a digital copy of the oversized first issue, though there are a number of retro-inspired add-ons like a pin, sticker, or patch for those looking for a little something extra.

You can back the campaign here.

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