Bitter Script Reader, a popular Twitter user known for posting insightful commentary about the TV and movie industry, took inspiration from two of his favorite talking points, the Arrowverse and primetime soap operas, to create something he calls Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas. He shared a script for the theoretical first episode of a series that, in the vein of comic book and superhero crossovers, merges the worlds of fan-favorite teen dramas such as Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, Riverdale, and Veronica Mars.

In Bitter Script Reader’s words, his project is “dedicated to the creators and casts of all the shows that have let us live and relive their awkward teen years for our amusement.” It’s a very entertaining piece of writing that’s especially valuable right now as television content is dwindling while new episodes can’t be shot due to COVID-19.

Don’t expect this script to ever translate to the screen, but you can read and enjoy Bitter Script Reader’s spec pilot for Crisis on Infinite Teen Dramas on his website. And be sure to check The Beat‘s interview with him from last year, where he discusses, among other things, his Twitter persona and making his way up in the television industry.