Next month A Wave New World will release Crash & Troy #1, the first issue of a new sci-fi adventure comedy series from writer Jarred Luján, artist Kyler Clodfelter, colorist Bruno Furlani, and letterer Buddy Beaudoin. Ahead of the series debut, The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive preview of the series second issue, which finds the titular Crash & Troy scrambling to avert and interstellar war.

Here’s how A Wave Blue World describes Crash & Troy #2:

After being arrested for breaking a dictator out of jail, Crash & Troy set out to recapture the very man they just set free. But this means working with Delphi, their “handler” who was assigned to them by the Earth Defense Forces. And taking orders from her might just be enough to make them wish they’d accepted the prison sentence instead.

Crash & Troy was initially slated for release in 2021 by Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint, but following the very public troubles faced by the embattled publisher Luján and Clodfelter brought the series to A Wave Blue World. Luján described the feeling of creating the series at the height of a global pandemic, and how the series is a true collaboration between all of its creators:

The #1 thing you can expect when you read CRASH & TROY is explosive fun with a big heart. We made this book in 2020, one of the worst years of all time for so many of us. So, we wanted to make something that could make people laugh, that could give them a good time because those elements of the book are what kept us going through that year ourselves.

Kyler is like my family, but so is Bruno, Hernán, and Buddy. That’s a brood of my brothers right there. Creating this book with people I love and cherish is one of the single greatest achievements of my entire life and I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. All of us relate to these characters, you know? We all connect with some part of the story’s larger themes and so it became this deeply personal story for all of us. You don’t get creative experiences like that all the time, that’s a lightning strike of a moment, and it means the world to me.

Clodfelter seconded Luján’s sentiment about creating the series:

I agree with Jarred; making this comic was a bright spot in an otherwise very tough time for us and the world as a whole. My grandfather passed away from Covid three weeks into drawing this book. Heck, Bruno and I each had to push through drawing and coloring this book while having Covid ourselves later on that summer, because that’s how much this story meant to us. I remember reading Jarred’s scripts and genuinely laughing out loud, or found myself gasping at certain moments, and knew I had to really push myself to a new level to match the tone he had set with the story’s writing.

Check out the exclusive preview of Crash & Troy #2 below. The first issue of the series arrives in stores on Wednesday, August 17th, while the second issue is due out on Wednesday, September 21st.