Nerve approaches famous Brooklynites for sex advice — including cartooners Dean Haspiel and Molly Crabapple!Sacre bleu! Is there nothing this new breed of cartooners does not know!
Here’s a sampling of Haspiel’s wisdom:

A friend has invited me to join her at sex parties a few times. I always make up an excuse about why I can’t go, and she keeps asking. How can I politely tell her I’m not interested without sounding judgmental?
There are some things you can just say no to. There’s a difference between someone asking, “Will you come to my birthday party?” and, “Will you come to my orgy?” An orgy is just not something everyone does, so hurting her feelings is not part of the equation — she’s asking you if you want peanut butter on your bagel, and you don’t.

And Crabapple:

I’m going on my third date with a guy whose birthday is this weekend. What can I plan that will be “birthday special,” but not inappropriately romantic?
Sleep with him. You shouldn’t really show your intense thoughtfulness or capacity for giving gifts so early in a relationship, but men always like sex.

Check out the he said/she said as the duo answer the same question — one a bit too racy to include in this family blog!


  1. Heidi, hate to tell you this, but your blog has been blocked by browsers for adult content.
    and the fun thing about peanut butter is that it is hard to lick off… a bagel, that is. ;)