Yet another best selling author James Patterson, is setting up his own toon/graphic novelly/manga deal. Patterson has sold some 140 million books, so that is a lot of books. One deal is with Yen Press (PR in the jump) which will serialize his “Maximum Ride” YA series in their manga anthology, Yen Plus.

He’s also pacted with with Curious Pictures:

…the Gotham animation studio known for Disney’s “Little Einsteins,” is teaming with James Patterson Entertainment to produce longform animated media based on the author’s books, graphic novels and original concepts.

The pair’s first project is the film “Beer Belly and Fat Boy,” about a slacker who is secretly an assassin controlled by evil corporations. Like “300,” the pic will blend human actors with all-digital backgrounds, aiming squarely at the vidgame-and-comedy-inclined young male demo.

As interesting as all that is, the article also contains this little nugget:

[Curious] is doing animation work for a toon Michel Gondry is co-directing with his son, Paul, an up-and-coming artist.

Michel Gondry ‘toon! We are there.

Hachette Book Group USA announced today that its graphic novel imprint, Yen Press, has acquired world rights to a graphic edition of James Patterson’s young adult series Maximum Ride. The #1 New York Times bestselling series about fourteen-year-old Maximum Ride and her “flock” will be adapted into 30-page manga installments for monthly inclusion in Yen Press’ new manga anthology, Yen Plus. The first episode in Patterson’s first Maximum Ride title, The Angel Experiment, appears in the inaugural Yen Plus issue scheduled to release in summer 2008. Available through subscription and at major bookstores and comic book retailers across the country, each 460-page issue of Yen Plus will cost $8.99 at retail.

The thrilling non-stop action of the Maximum Ride series will be rendered in a “manga” style, with black & white and color illustrations that will appeal to teens, male and female alike. Select content from the monthly magazine will be featured on the Yen Press website, along with bonus features.

“Featuring Maximum Ride as a staple in the Yen Plus anthology, will, no doubt, increase manga readership and bring it to a completely new level,” said Kurt Hassler, Co-Publishing Director of Yen Press. “We are thrilled that James has chosen to bring this dynamic property to the rapidly growing medium of manga.”

“I am completely over the moon that Max’s story will be told in manga editions,” said Patterson. “I can’t imagine a more visual tale than this one. Truly, this is Max taken to the max.”

Featuring approximately 12 separate storylines in each anthology, Yen Plus will serve as a vehicle in breaking out and building enthusiasm for new properties from around the world – such as Nightschool by Svetlana Chmakova, already scheduled for the debut anthology.


  1. Yeah, in manga it’ll be a blast. Then from manga to film and Just like a copy machine printing from copy to copy to… you get the picture. Except the final picture isn’t anything like the original. Just like Max and co?
    Max et al are in audio too. Many places but has it read by V. Angelis, quite fittingly perhaps.