Artist Leslie Hung posted a portion of the cover to the first issue of SNOTGIRL on Instagram this morning. The first issue of the series, which is written by Bryan Lee O’Malley, will be announced in Previews next month with a July pub  date. O’Malley added on his own Instagram:

SNOTGIRL#1 will be in comic stores in July from Image! Then #2 will be out in August (scream) and so on and so forth (screaming intensifies). Here’s a sneak peek at the first cover by Leslie Hung. If you’re in the comic store business, it should be in the next issue of Previews in a few weeks or whatever! Please order some copies! We’re very proud of our darling daughter Snotgirl.

If you’re new around here, O’Malley is the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series, the comic of the Aughts, and Seconds, his graphic novel follow-up. 
The book was announced at last year’s Image Expo, and been pretty quiet since.

It’s described as “a dark comedy” which is what you’d expect. 

Scott Pilgrim was one of the sharpest, quotable, cosplayable, generation-defining comics of the modern era, and it retains a big fanbase; the much-maligned movie is now a cult classic.

O’Malley has been keeping a low profile on the art front in recent years, but he has a new graphic novel coming out next year. Taking on the writing with a sharp artist like Hung seems to be a good move. Here’s some other sneak peeks from recent Instagram posts.