A number of years ago, Shelly Bond, then executive editor at Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC Comics, and former My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way were working on a grand project. Way, who was pitching Doom Patrol at the time, soon began working on a whole line of books in close collaboration with Bond. That line would eventually become Young Animal, but not before Bond left DC. In spite of that, Way has been consistently outspoken on Bond’s influence on the boutique imprint that would come to house books such as Doom Patrol and Shade, the Changing Girl. And the two have seemingly remained close, so it should come as little surprise that now that Bond has a new imprint in IDW’s Black Crown, that Way might be knocking on her door.

As CBR reported earlier today, recently IDW filmed a conversation between Way and Bond. The two discussed Black Crown Quarterly #1. The new anthology comic, the first issue of which hit stands today, is a collection of quirky stories from a variety of creators. Bond showcases some of them to Way in the short video.

Then, at the end of this snippet of their conversation, Bond asks Way to write and illustrate a page for Black Crown Quarterly‘s ongoing “Hey, Amateur!” feature, which teaches readers how to do something like sew a button or play a guitar fret in nine panels.

Way handily agreed and when Bond asked “can I hold you to it,” Way replied “yes, yes you can. It’s on video now.”