13785More people whose intelligence I trust wrote to tell me yesterday’s post on 300 was whackadoo than perhaps any I have written, so I have taken the move to emend it for the record. I think I had a valid point, but got carried away with some of my assumptions. I also made some rhetorical statements were not appropriate, for which I apologize.

For instance, I did not mean to suggest that Dark Horse had any financial problems. That was sheer rhetoric. I’m going to refrain from any numerical statements, but I have been made to understand that Dark Horse has pretty much been printing up 300 as fast as they can. The comments that follow show that there are shortages, but those could also be simply because the book is popular.

At any rate, Dark Horse is of course the fine publisher of many good books; for instance, they are now up to Volume 14 of the Little Lulu collection, a tremendous accomplishment by any measure.


  1. Yeah, blink twice for yes.

    I don’t know Hiedi, I’ve always seen The Beat as part news, part commentary – I like it when you make a stand /opinion. I’d rather have that than some simple copy/paste news releases. And it’s not like you don’t have an informed opinion. You *are* in the biz with your ear to the wall better than most.